Friday, May 14, 2010

By popular demand

Yesterday, whilst randomly googling away on the Net I found this awesome site, filled with delightful baby photos. Who can resist the naked little wrinkly thing that is a baby Aardvark? Not me! And not a lot of other people either, if the poll I posted in my facebook is anything to go by:

What should I draw next?
A. Taniwha
B. Baby Aardvark
C. Kiwi
D. Something else (please suggest)

I did not exactly have a lot of votes, but the Aardvark came through at 100%.
I've inked the linework of the taniwha for tomorrow.
Which therefore means that I am almost Up to date with my promised Postcrossing arts.
Time to send some more emails!

Almost 60 countries conquered with art!

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