Friday, May 7, 2010

Le Petit Prince

The Little Prince waters the arrogant flower.

This postcard is destined for Iran!


ipuenktchen said...

hi, lemurkat!!
wooow - what an honour, to get such an unic card!!!! it will be VERY appreciated and I keep my fingers crossed, it will arrive safely!!!!
thank you so much in advance, my dear!!
and for sure I'll have a look at more of your art works!!!!!
see you soon, ipuenktchen

ipuenktchen said...

TODAY was the great day I got proud & happy to get your card safely and IR is conquered, too!!!!! what a surprise!! honestly I worried a lot it got lost or damaged or whatever, but it DIDN'T!!!!!

just now I was looking for your handmade cards in your postcard-collection-site - but it is smth else to read about than to have one of your art pieces in my hands!!!

I send you my very best regards hoping for you to be successfull and happy in your whole life - even as you got married recently!!!!

btw my younger son got married, too, in april, at 29th.. but here is spring now - but what a spring!!!?!?!?! if you like, you may have a look at my blog // - even if you like to learn more about my country!!?!

I'm in art, too... in pottery - the *cinderella of arts*..

and now I've choosen two cards for you and hope you'll enjoy them as well...... not the same, but I tried to catch your taste :-)))

take care, ipue...