Saturday, May 1, 2010

Drawfest Day

Today we had a DrawFest meet up in the public library. I felt a little awkward as I walked up to the table of artsy types - as they were predominently teenagers, and all drawing manga-style art. Now, as you know, I can't draw Manga too well. Luckily I knew one of them from a previous engagement (Armagadden) and she made me feel welcome. Anyhow, I had come with a list of things I could draw, which proved to be useful cos in the library there are references aplenty for the taking!

The first piece was requested by the lass that had organised it, and is my character and alter-ego:

Then I drew a Meerkat, using a greeting card I'd purchased for a reference and colouring without inking.

Then two-hours had passed and I was hungry so I went home to have lunch and draw some more picture of animals with their lunch.

A polar bear for Norabear

A shortnosed fruitbat for Jo-on-the-go.

I am actually amazed at how quickly I can rustle up a full colour Art Card. The uninked pieces take between 30-60 minutes.

Btw, I have created another blog for my inwards mail and official postcards, originally it was a Postcrossing blog, but I've decided to share some of my awesome mail too. It's here:

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