Friday, April 30, 2010

Weirdness to end the month...

Almost finished my pieces for the "Per the Profile PAT". I only had TheMuppet left to go, and Sarah is delightfully demented.

I have made her these:

Beware the Platodyle (4x4)!
He's decpetively cute, but not only is he deadly - he's also POISONOUS.

The Flight of the Toasters (6x4):

And the pieces I left in Australia, now returned to me:

Wedge-tailed eagle (4x4):

Bird Twinchies (2x2 each):

Brush Turkey, Masked Plover, Rainbow Lorikeet
Cassowary, Rainbow Bee-eater, Helmeted Friarbird
These six were inspired by Ludo Collingwood's work in Kuranda.

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