Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Weka Thief

The Weka is a species of flightless rail found only in New Zealand. It is sometimes mistaken for a kiwi - although the two look almost nothing alike, at least to a bird lover like me! Weka are noted for their curious tendencies and love of thievery. They have been known to sneak into tents to steal food, but also favour shiny objects, which they use to decorate their nests. Obviously the one pictured has musical taste, either that or she doesn't believe that you should take ipods into the native forest... Anyhow, when not eating pillaged food, weka eat almost anything - insects, lizards and frogs, berries and shoots, baby birds, eggs... Basically, they're the pigs of New Zealand. Their loud "CCOOOOEEEEE" call has awoken (rudely) many a tramper. But sadly in many areas their numbers are dwindling, although in other areas, they are still on the menu!

This postcard is off to Costa Rica.


reese said...

good one. Could you sketch a crocodile, pls?

LemurKat said...

Yes Reese, I could. But maybe not now - maybe while I'm in Australia next week. I might even have a real life reference.