Sunday, April 11, 2010

From Ugly Duckling to Elegant Swan

As many of you know, yesterday I got married to my longterm partner, Tim. We've been together nearly ten years, and living together for about four, so it was a bit of a surprise for me when he finally asked me for my hand in marriage in early January last year. Although I must confess, I had a few hints.

Planning a wedding is a long-winded affair with a great many steps to consider, and I am pleased to say that things went very smoothly indeed. Our first dance was a great success, even if Tim was not fully braced for the lean! We did the tango, which was a fun experience in a wedding dress, I must say (and entirely unrehearsed in the dress).

Ah the dress, it is silk and I had to try on many dresses before deciding on the one that felt right, and then making a few modifications.

There will be more photos as we have yet to collate those of family and friends, however I thought I would share this one. You see, my first impression when I was dressed and elegant was that of a swan, which immediately led me to hunt down the worst photo of me I could find to present you with this:

Ugly "Duckling" (aged 16)

to Beautiful Swan:
This one is taking with the "wishes" tree - we gave everyone a leaf and asked them to write a message and pin it to the tree. I have the results before me and will go through them soon).

And the only photo I have on my camera of the newlyweds (don't worry, everyone else had heaps).

The cake was a fruitcake from the Cupcake Parlour and so full of fruit that it was rather an effort to cut it! Everyone (hopefully) got a cupcake to take home. I hope noone was greedy! There was exactly one each with four left over for me to give to the children tomorrow.

And because I know you think the cake looks great, here's another picture:

The Lemur Bride alas, lost her veil. Once we've made a new one, we will photograph this handsome pair again.


LuvLoz said...

Angela - you look stunning in your wedding dress! I hope you had a great day. Love the lemur couple to go with your cake.

ArteDar said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You look beautiful and so happy! Love the pix and the info....BTW, I don't think you were an ugly duckling!
My Irish Grandfather when alive always made a toast to the newly weds that goes something like this..."may all your ups and downs in life be little ones under the sheets". Yes, ornery but still a nice wish.