Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love in the Trees

So, where have I been these past two weeks? Well, first and foremost, I went and got myself married to the most wonderful man I know and then we flew off to Australia to get eaten alive by mosquitoes and have some wonderful adventures. Good thing we didn't go to Europe!

Paronella Park, North Queensland

For those of you ineterested in my real life as well as my art, you are welcome to visit my Momentville site. It is currently being updated regularly with more wedding photos as we compile them, and there will likely be a deluge tomorrow! So be sure to check back.

I DID take some of my art to work on whilst on my Honeymoon, but needless to say did not get a whole lot of it done. I did manage 6 Twinchies and one 4x4 page (early in the morning because I was still on NZ time). Alas I then went and left them in the Daintree so you might have to wait a while to see them. I have been told on good authority that they are headed my way, however.

Arriving back, unpacking, doing some housework, and finalising wedding stuff (photos!) but I also managed a couple of 4x4s.

Per the Profile PAT Themes:
- Anatomical Endearments
- Goth Hello Kitty

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