Friday, January 24, 2014

Creature Feature #98: Chevrotain

These tiny cervines are also known as "mouse-deer", with some species weighing less than 5 kilos. This species, the African or Water chevrotain, is the largest and can weigh up to 16 kg with the female being larger than the male. Males do not have antlers, but their canine teeth are longer and used when competing with other males over females. His hindquarters are very muscular, and he walks leaning forward, with his head low to help him manouvere through the thick jungle of his rainforest home. Never venturing far from water, he spends his days hiding in thick foliage, venturing out at night to browse on shrubbery. If danger threatens, he will flee into the water and submerge himself, even walking along the bottom. He can stay under for four minutes.

Here's a video of him swimming:
(ignore the cheesy dialogue)

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