Thursday, January 16, 2014

Creature Feature #90: Capuchinbird

 To those of you who are familiar with my page and my blog, this fellow will look rather familiar - and to whomever it was that asked me "what is that bird in your banner?", well here is your answer. He is a Capuchinbird, a member of the Cotinga family, which we shall be dealing with moderately thoroughly throughout our journey through the letter "C" with at least two of his relatives achieving starring roles.

The Capuchinbird is found in the humid forests of North-Eastern South America, where he makes his home in the canopy. His main diet is fruit, supplemented with the occasional invertebrate and sometimes even small vertebrates, like bats. In breeding season, the males gather to form Leks, where they perform to attract the females. For this, he draws himself upright, puffs out the bright feathers about his tail and makes a call that is so bizarre it is difficult to describe: a sort of wheezing, grunting, almost mooing sound, which gives him his alternate name of “Calfbird”

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