Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Creature Feature #88: Centipede

There are estimated to be at least 8,000 species of Centipede, spread throughout the world - with habitats ranging from withi the Arctic circle, to deserts and tropical rainforests. Lacking the waxy cuticle of insects and arachnids, Centipedes lose water rapidly through their skin and thus do require a moist micro-habitat: generally in soil or under leaf litter. Generally carnivorous in nature, Centipedes are generalists and will eat anything that they can catch and is soft bodied enough for them to consume. Although "centipede" translates as 100 feet, Centipedes can have anything from udner 20 to over 300 feet. Each pair is connected to a body segment and, due to the nature of their growth, Centipedes have an odd number of body segments. This fellow, the Chinese Red-headed Centipede can grow up to 20cm in length.

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