Monday, November 25, 2013

Creature Feature #41: Badger

Badger is the common name given to a number of large, stocky carnivores of the Mustelid clan, spread throughout the Northern hemisphere. This fellow is the American Badger, who makes his home in North America and Mexico. Primarily nocturnal, he spend his days in a burrow and comes out at night to snuffle around and eat whatever he can catch - mainly burrowing rodents - which he unearths with his broad claws. He has been known to block exit holes with objects to prevent his prey making a break for it, as he digs in, corners it and despatches it.

During winter, he does not hibernate, but does slow down, and can enter a state of torpor lasting up to 29 hours. He makes his home anywhere with ample prey - grasslands, parklands, open forest, although he prefers dry soil and open areas.

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