Saturday, November 16, 2013

Couple of Fowls

About this time last year, I hosted a colouring competition. I did not get very many entries (3) and I chose the winner and sent them their reward. However, as part of that competition, I uploaded the entry form into my blog. And whilst I did write the closing date on it (14 December) I neglected to also write the year.

Consequently, about two weeks ago, in my inbox, what should turn up but two beautifully coloured pictures. I decided not to wait until the 14th, and since the competition was over, I would make them both a little something (since they were siblings, and it would be mean to reward one and not the other). So I asked their dad what their favourite animals were.

He replied that they liked chickens, particularly the brown Shavers breed, which I believe they keep.
So I decided that they needed a pair - a rooster and a hen.
These were drawn while watching "Under the Dome" and then inked and partly coloured using some finetip pens I happened to have handy. Colouring pencils were then applied to give a bit more depth of colour. The rooster might not be a true brown Shavers, but I reckon he's a fine fella.

I hope they enjoy their cards, and that the children can decide on one each!

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