Saturday, November 9, 2013

Creature Feature #25: Aracari

The Aracari, in this case the Collared Aracari, is a member of the Toucan family, making her home in the rainforests of South America. She is a sociable bird, often gathering with a flock of her kin and foraging amontst the tree branches for fruit and insects to feast. Somewhat opportunistic, she is also known to eat small fledglings and eggs. At night, she roosts in tree hollows, squeezing in with other members of her flock.They are also monogamous, and pair for life, sharing the duties of raising their chicks with the rest of their flock, a trait that is relatively rare in birds.

The huge beak measures almost a quarter of her body length but despite its size, it is surprisingly light. The outer layer is thin and it is reinforced inside by a criss-cross of rods made of bone. These teeth like protrusions help the bird seize and consume large fruits.

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