Sunday, September 8, 2013

Animals Wearing Hats

Whilst randomly surfing the net one day, I stumbled upon this delightful blog entitled Birds in Hats . After pottering through it for some time, I moved on to other things, but when the "animals wearing hats" thread sprung up in Illustrated ATCs, it sprung back to mind. Now, I did not initially intend to participate in this swap, but hostess Waughtercolors found a cruel, cruel way to lure me in - she drew the most gorgeous illustration of a lemur clad in Malagasy style clothing, knowing that I collect such a thing.

Unable to resist its furry appeal, I knew it must be mine.

And thus I drew my "animals wearing hats".

 Here we have a Eurasian Jay in a beret; A Great Bustard in a Fez and a Bee-Eater in a bonnet.

And, as a final gift for the lovely hostess (and a thank you for the lemur) here is a hedgehog wearing a sombrero:

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