Monday, September 23, 2013

NZ Pokemon - the Taniwha Evolution line

[Taniwha are a mythological creature that live in the waterways and oceans around New Zealand. They act as a protector of the land.]

Teniwha - the tiny fish Pokemon (length - 0'6")
These diminutive piscian hatch in the ocean, then shoal together to swim upriver to find a home in the native bush. They are relatively fast, and like to dazzle potential predators (and opponents) by flashing their scales and turning sharply.
(teniwha is based somewhat on the whitebait, except for the colour)

Terewha - the slithery fish Pokemon (length 5'0')
Often found in shallow rivers, Terewha lurk beneath logs and overhanging banks. They use their long blue tongues to prey on waterbird Pokemon (which I shall invent later), dragging them beneath the water to drown and eat them. Normally found in small groups, Terewha have a well established hierachy and will often fight against each other. They use their long, slender body like a whip, and also curl it around opponents. Should one be ousted from its territory, it can find its way to a new river or pond by crawling out of the pond and slithering across land. As long as its body remains moist, it can stay outside of water for several days.
(terewha is based on the native eel species, except for the colour)

Taniwha - the river guardian Pokemon (length 20'5")
When a Terewha is established as the sole ruler of its territory it evolves into Taniwha. These fearsome, draconian water Pokemon are extremely territorial and will fiercely protect their river against any intruders or anything that sets out to harm it. They secrete a mucus through their skin that acts to purify the water, clearing it of pollutants. Very hard to train in adult form, often factories and such that produce toxic waste will capture Terewha and transport them into their ponds in the hope that they will evolve and clense their waterways. (Terewha does not produce this mucus, however, and if it is too unpleasant they will simply crawl out of the pond and away.)

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