Saturday, September 7, 2013

Introducing Niamh

Niamh is not a new character - she was first "conceived" around 1996 as the shape-shifting Assassin for the Gods (then called "Nemesys") and then later reinvented in 2005 with a somewhat more extraordinary background. She had now been reinvented AGAIN in 2013 with the same extraordinary background but with a few macabre twists.

I am writing her story for an anthology on "Reflections" that the Christchurch Writers' Guild will be releasing early next year (probably) and that I am compiling/editing.

Niamh isn't totally human, as you may have guessed - she was created with the life force of an owl, but she is intelligent, observant, silent of foot and somewhat aloof in her thoughts. She does not give love, nor take love, easily. Her story beyond her childhood (which I am writing now) is not fully developed, but I envisage her as being a sort of immortal being charged either with assassinating, or saving, specific individuals that will have a strong influence on the shape of the future. In line with a dream last night, I think she may be preparing for the encroaching apocalypse - an unknown threat that will obliterate a large percentage of the human population. She, along with other chosen immortal individuals (not all of them shape-shifted animals), are known as the Brethren of the Phoenix and it is their task to prepare the survivors to rise from the ashes of humanity.

This may, actually, tie in somewhat with my Furritasia stories - which would be a really exciting prospect.

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