Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lemurs: A Tail of Two Scions

The completed front cover for volume two of the Lemurs Saga - A Tail of Two Scions. It features Rakoto and Aurelia. Rakoto is a colour mutation of diademed sifaka and Aurelia is a silky sifaka/diademed hybrid, which is why she has golden arms.

In volume two - which is yet to be finished (and volume one has not been published yet either, still editing it) - the story begins with Rakoto, the six month old son of the Usurper Queen. He barely knows his mother - having been raised by a foster mother and his aye-aye tutor. However, things are not looking good in the capital city, Narivo, and discontent and war are settling over the land of Madigaska. Off to the west, in the sanctuary of the Stone Forest, Aurelia is undertaking her training as one of the Karazana, the sisters. But her peaceful existence is about to be shattered in a nightmare of violence, blood and loss. This is the first trilogy I have ever set out to write, and I am finding book two to be a bit of a struggle - it's got to be a good solid story on its own, whilst also providing a "bridge" between "Fellowship of the Ringtails" and the third volume, which I don't have a name for yet. Suggestions welcome. I like puns, and as you can, see, Lord of the Rings references. It could be "Return of the Queen", but that's a bit crap. And, to keep the trend, it should *probably* contain the world "Tail". But I'd rather have the world "tail" in the middle since the other first time it was at the end, the second in the beginning. Hrm... ponders. Currently considering "The Silky Queen", "The Rise of the Silky".

In volume three, Aurelia will likely be journeying to Narivo, and maybe into the saphira mines of Ilakaka, to rescue her kidnapped friends. There will also be an uprising in Narivo, led by Misokoso, the one-eyed crowned lemur. I haven't devised the plot too fully yet.

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