Sunday, December 2, 2012

Colouring Competition - win original art from LemurKat!

 To celebrate finishing writing my second "New Zealand Naturally" novel (although I have yet to do the final polish and then the editing shine), I have decided to do a colouring in competition.

The prize - an original drawing of your favourite animal (real or imainged) in a yet-to-be-determined size - except that it will be bigger than ATC sized.

How to win -
1. Print off this PDF file:
2. Colour it in
3. Scan it or photograph it
4. Send image as an attachment to Subject: Colouring Competition
5. Please include Name, Age (if over 15, just write "15+") and Contact Email.

How will I judge it?
All entries will be divided into age categories, and I shall choose my favourite/s from each category. I shall then number them and use a random number generator to determine the winner from these finalists. Therefore, you will have to put in time and effort to win, but a 3 year old is just as likely to win as a 33 year old.
Entries close the 14th December. I shall endeavour to have the winner's original art completed for Christmas and will contact the winner for postage details.
Finalist images (with first names/nicknames only) will be displayed on this website

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