Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals for 2013

I don't really like doing New Year's Resoluitions, but I do think it is pretty nifty to have a list of things that I can achieve over the next year, to cross off as I achieve them. These are all personal goals, work-related ones I prefer to keep to myself.

Finish editing and publish "Fellowship of the Ringtails" (before June)
Complete "Tail of Two Scions"
Complete and edit "Tiriki's Great Escape"
Work on distributing books into schools (esp "Aroha's") and school libraries
Participate in NaNoWriMo 2013
Present a workshop on "Show Not Tell" for CWG
Sell lots of copies of my books to justify them being in Whitcoulls  SHY (and maybe get them in more stores).

Work on getting together a proper portfolio and look into distributing
Re-design the cover for "Aroha's Grand Adventure" so that it looks less like a self-publised title
Design a cover for "Tail of Two Scions"
Keep active auctions up on Trade Me
Participate in at least THREE markets
Establish a name and identity for myself in the local, less niche, circuits

Read and review at least ten self-published titles
Read and review at least three CWG author's titles
Read at least three classics
Read at least five non-fiction books
Read at least five titles that have been on my shelf for a while

Explore Southland and thus have seen almost all of the South Island (except Karamea)
Visit Stewart Island
Plan an awesome holiday/celebration for parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary (in Sunshine Coast, Australia) Postponed until 2014

Have my parents over for dinner
Have my inlaws over for dinner
Spend a day with my brother
Show my husband how much I appreciate him 

Organise a picnic
Attend at least one party
Attend a live concert (Nightwish!)
Run a scenario for beginning roleplayers

Reach optimal weight (by losing around 10 kilos)
Maintain optimal weight
Prepare more "real food" instead of buying take-out
Walk or bike to work at least 90% of the time
Play a sport on a regular basis

Continue saving $200-$400 a fortnight

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