Friday, April 20, 2012

Trade with Waughtercolors

These three cards are for my latest - and possibly last (at least for a while) - trade. After this, I will work a little while more on my tarot deck and then throw myself instead into my own personal projects - such as preparing my entries for the Gavin Bishop award (due November 30th, but I'll have to get it done by the 31st October, so it doesn't interfere with Nano) and writing a picturebook for the Joy Cowley award. Due to the nature of both awards, this blog may become a little quiet for a time - the entries are confidential.

The images below are:
- Fork Marked Dwarf Lemur
- Welcome Swallow (I wanted to draw a bird in portrait)
- Koala Cuddles.

They are for Waughtercolors - an extremely talented lass who initiated the trade. Her art is beautiful, and I feel honoured that she wanted to trade with me.

Other projects I will be working on this year are:
~ completing "Lemurs: A Saga"
~ Writing "Tiriki's Great Escape" (my planned NaNo Novel).

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