Friday, April 13, 2012

Time for the Threes.

The Three of Coins is represented here by the chaffinch. It is a card of opportunity, the chance to develop or nurtue a passion.

The Three of Trees is represented by a grey warbler with her cuckoo chick. It indicates pride or power in an achievement or relationship, but it may come with a price. One should wait until all has turned in their favour before they start boasting about it.

The Three of Waves is a card of celebration, represented here by a flock of fluttering shearwaters. It is a card of friendship and fun. It implies that there might be someone you are attempting to add to your flock, a relationship that is in early stages.

The Three of Swords is, as many of the swords are, a somewhat darker card. A difficult truth is about to be revealed, something bitter and painful about to come to the surface. It will not be entirely unexpected, and may even ease some of the tensions. It is represented here by a rock wren. Probably dead, but possibly stunned by a rockslide.

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