Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Touch of New Zealand

A selection of New Zealand Fauna is winging its way to the Czech Republic:

A short-tailed bat - one of only two native land mammals (the other being the equally imaginatively named "long-tailed bat".

The tuatara is a relic of the dinosaurs. This ancient reptile is known to share the burrows of burrowing petrels. Why they allow this, I'm not quite sure because the tuatara has been known to snack on their chicks.

The North Island Kokako or Blue Wattled Crow (the European immigrants were not very imaginative, it's not even closely related to the crow family). There are three wattle bird species in New Zealand - or rather WERE, the huia is now extinct, as is the South Island Kokako subspecies. Only the North Island and the Saddleback remain.

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