Saturday, September 19, 2009

Slim pickings

Still not especially motivated for art, but I've too much on my plate to let an evening arting slip away.

First offering tonight is the last card for Kre. It features a Puriri moth. This is the largest NZ moth and it is found only on the North Island. The eggs are laid on bracket fungus and the caterpillars hatch out and feed on the "wound tissue" of the tree. The bigger caterpillars gnaw out a refuge tunnel in which they eventually pupate. The adult emerges and lives only a few days, as they have no feeding appendage and thus cannot eat.

Offering part deux is a Burning Bunny. For a further explanation on this fiery creature, pay a visit to Kim Harrison. As I am quite addicted to her "Hollows" series, I decided to send her a Random Act of Fanart. And doodled up a Burning Bunny ATC. It will be sent along with a business card and a notecard of "thanks" for being such a quirky, fun and exciting author. I hope she likes it. Not that I expect I'll ever find out.

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