Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fanciful Fruit

Yes, it's true, I have spent the last two days drawing reproductive organs in both full and cross section. Of course, these are the reproductive organs of plants, but that is beside the point. They were originally created for the "Whimsy Artists Unite!" swap on Illustrated ATCs, but then I re-read the rules and discovered that they wanted fantasy whimsical art - critters etc, and thus I now have a set of seven with no home to go to. No worries, I had way too much fun drawing these, which just goes to show that stepping out of your comfort zone can be enjoyable too.

I also rather enjoyed making a sort of sauce from the tamarillo and kiwifruit and serving it up with pumpkin waffles for dinner.

The feijoa, pineapple, chili and pumpkin were actually photo referenced from the Net, but the other three were drawn from the real thing. The aubergine will be made into a chicken delicious dish tomorrow (that's what it's called).

If there are any more fruit you'd like to see me interpret in my style, or if you'd like to trade for one of these, please let me know.

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