Friday, December 30, 2011

Goals for 2012

Finish editting and publish "Midsummer Knight's Quest"
Finish writing, edit and publish "Scavengers of the Deadlands"
Come up with a new plot idea for NaNo next year. Something fresh, exciting and marketable.
Distribute "Aroha's Grand Adventure" to libraries and/or schools.
Distribute "Aroha's Grand Adventure" via Kobo/Whitcoulls epub.
Learn to be less humble about marketting my work. (yeah, right)
Finish my "Stickybeak" picture book (ie: colour it)

Create a portfolio and submit it to relevant sources
Keep active auctions up on trademe - such as $1 Collectible Art Cards
Redo the cover for "Scavengers of the Deadlands"
Get at least one paying commission per month (FAIL)
Try and draw something I haven't done before.
Complete my NZ Naturally Tarot Deck.

Read at least five titles that have been sitting on my shelf for years a while.
Try something in an entirely different genre (ie: crime) - I've read a bit of crime - still trying to determine what "entirely different genre" is for someone as eclectic as me!
Read at least five non-fiction novels
Read and review at least twelve self-published novels.

Plan and undertake Epic US Roadtrip >.
Attend a large-scale forum gathering (AFA 2012).
Make some new friends in different countries.
Identify at least five new bird species.

Spend time with some/one of my girlfriends.
Do something romantic with my husband.
Have a short holiday with my parents. - next year
Invite in-laws over for dinner.
Have a BBQ/party to celebrate something.
Have a long phone conversation with my brother (or better still, visit him).
(although this is worth doing again!)

Organise/attend a picnic with friends.
Attend at least one party.
Attend a live concert. - Next year will be!
Engage in at least one roleplaying game - possibly even a campaign.
 Run a scenario/campaign for beginner RPers.

Lose 10 kilos. (haha)
Never drive to work - always bike or walk. (so far, so good)
Play a sport at least once a month (badmington or squash?) FAILED

Save at least $5k before US trip.
Do so well at work they feel oblidged to give me a pay rise. (not gonna happen)
Save $200 EVERY week (FAILED, not really practical, but doing pretty well)

Make a souffle (I've heard they're a real challenge).
Make something tasty to take to work, for no special reason. DONE

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