Monday, August 22, 2011

Totem Time

I am participating in another "totem" swap which gives me another excuse to make more of these. As if I need an excuse!

The Horse ...You enjoy freedom - to run wild and explore. You are friendly and adventurous and have the power to overcome any obstacles that might be put in your path.

The Octopus ... You are productive, intelligent and efficient. You are able to achieve much in a short space of time, although you must take care not to overlook your own health and general well-being. You are not known for being particularly tidy.

The Hummingbird ... You take great delight in spreading joy to those around you. You are adaptable and able to adjust to many situations. Even to achieve what others might believe impossible.

The Dolphin ... You are intelligent and sociable, with a good sense of humour.You move through life with grace and beauty, taking pleasure in the small things and allow nothing to bring you down.

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