Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fidgety Mijifajifa

Mijifajifa is a Boenga - a Red-tailed Sportive Lemur. He is a trader of the Western forests and collects and exchanges all manner of stuff - mostly junk. Some of it he trades for, but he is not opposed to stealing. His role in the plot is a minor one so far, although he may occur later. He is selfish and whiny and changes his loyalties to best benefit himself.

In appearance, he is a small, lanky lemur with grey-brown fur which deepens to chesnut around his shoulders and tail. Like all boenga, he is mostly nocturnal, although he does peddle his stuff during the day at times.

In this passage he has just stolen something from Aurelia and she has wrestled him to the ground after chasing him down:

Mijifajifa,” he whimpered. “I'm a boenga."

My name is Aurelia,” Aurelia replied “I'm a sifaka.”

Smell of fish and maky,” Mijifajifa mocked. “And monkey. Reek of monkey. You big smelly monkey's friend? Queen not like that. Kill him. Kill you too. Kill all the monkeys and all the friend of monkeys too.”

You speak bold threats for someone I've just thrashed,” Aurelia growled. “The Queen will kill me? Queen's got to catch us first. But you... I have you here in my grasp. What's not to stop me killing you now?”

Not threat,” he whispered. His orange eyes widened. “Warning. And you sifaka, sifaka no kill,” he whimpered. “Sifaka eat no meat, draw no blood. Sifaka gentle.”

Are they?” Aurelia asked. “Tell that to the sifaka that murdered my friend.”

You kind sifaka, good sifaka,” the little boenga pleaded. “Not hurt Mijifajifa. Let Mijifajifa go. Take box of pictures. Friend, yes?”

What did you want with these?” She asked. “Why are you stealing Chike's maps?”

Maps? That what they call? Know they show places. Places to go. Others want them. Good for trade. Take to market. Trade for medicine. Medicine for sick kits, no?”

She sniffed him. He smelt of forest and the sweet scent that was male lemur, but there was no trace of disease on him. No trace of other lemurs, either. He's lying, she decided. There are no kits. No mate either.

They're not your kits, are they? You're all by yourself.” She cuffed him again. He whimpered. “Where is this market?”

North,” he said. “Baobab Alley. Big market. Many lemur come. Next full moon. Much to trade. I could lead you. I could be your guide.”

She stared at him, incredulous. “You want to help us?”

He nodded. “Sure, sure. I help you – you help me, yes? Long way to go through trees. I ride in little boat with you. Show you best way.”

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