Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Zealand Tarot continues...

4. The Emperor
The Emperor encompasses pride and power and what better beast to represent it than the Stag?

5. The Hierophant
Why a tuatara? The Hierophant is ancient and wise, and in touch with the divine. There is something deeply meditative about the way the tuatara sits. And they can live for over a hundred years. Two little native frogs play the part of his acolytes.

6. Love
Crested grebes have an elaborate and beautiful courtship dance, they show devotion to each other and they often remain in the same partnership for some years. They're also awesome birds to draw, with their funky feet and jagged figures. So how could I resist?
Methinks this one might be a Keeper.

7. Chariot
The Chariot proved to be a challenge to conceptualise, but I am quite pleased with my conclusion. This is a card that indicates the coming together of opposites. Loyalty, faith and motivation that lead to victory, despite the odds. Originally I was intending to draw a godwit - or maybe a flock, symbolising the long journey that these birds make. However, I settled finally on the albatross.

To those of you that are actually familiar with the tarot, particularly the Rider-Waite tarot, which this is based on, I hope some of the symbolism is apparant here - I have tried to draw on as many of the traditional ones as I can get away with.

If anyone is intersted in my Furrae Tarot, let me know and I can upload the deck here (or rather, small images of it).

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