Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chimerical Madness

For those of you that might be in Auckland next weekend - I will be attending Battlecry.

This is a roleplaying/wargaming/boardgaming/artist and all things good convention run annually.

Where? ASB Stadium, Kohimarama
When? Sat 19th - Sunday 20th February

I shall be taking a workshop on the Saturday afternoon, commencing at 2pm on how to go about creating your own mutant monsters. If you wish to come along, bring your imagination and a gold coin donation. It also helps if you have some artistic talents and a basic knowledge of anatomy and colour. Also, if you have any postcards with animals on them, particularly tigers, horses or fish.
I'm not sure how many people the workshop will take, but if you wish to secure a booking, email:

Here's my latest three mutations:

Hermit Crab + Swan + cool spiky shell =

Leafy Seadragon + Peacock =

Goat + Seahorse + Seadragon =

What's with all the seahorse/seadragon chimera requests recently? I guess fish are cool. Especially weird, spiky ones. Personally, I prefer lionfish. Although only from a distance, and aesthitically, because they are quite poisonous.

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