Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Noah's Menagerie and Quick Draw Birds

In case you didn't guess, I've got a week off work, and thus am quite productive indeed. Anyhow, here's the completed set of Noah's Ark cards:

An awesome suggestion for a quick-fire ATC swap had me creating these five cards in short order. The theme for the swap was "Noah's Ark" and the requirements were one ark and three sets of animal pairs, prefereably - mammal, bird and reptile or insect for a bit of variety.

Noah himself I have drawn as a hostess gift. He is based on a photograph of a portrait of a young Hebrew man found via google. They do not look much alike. The ark is loosely based on the Christchurch Ark, found in the Getheseme Gardens on the Port Hills. Some people get married there.

The animals themselves I chose in two cases for their sexual dimorphism - so we have male and female Eclectus parrots (the female is the red one), and a pair of Black lemurs (once again the female is the red one). However, the snakes are just there because I didn't have a decent tortoise picture on hand at the time. And snakes are awesome. They're King Cobras, in case you're curious. No sexual dimorphism - although males are larger. However, they are somewhat monogamous, as far as snakes go.

And we sat down to watch a DVD this evening so I drew out my prismas and rustled up some more birds with the help of an awesome library book, "100 birds to see before you die":

These fellows took between 20-30 mins apiece (the dvd was "Tropic Thunder" and it was distracting!) and they are:

Cappuchin Bird, Ruff
Tufted Puffin, Harlequin Duck

All available for trade. Wrick gets first choice.

Also, last but definitely not least, prepare to SQUEE for what is, undeniably, the World's Cutest Animal:
His name is Aiden and he belongs to Sorjei. That's a durian fruit he's got there. They look terrible, smell worse and taste only marginally better. Sort of like cheesy-custard apple. They smell like old gym socks. I hear they're an acquired taste.

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LuvLoz said...

Wow, you have been busy! I really like that last card, I think it's more realistic than your other work too. Good to see you with some work to trade again.