Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Eagle's Buffet Dinner

Deep in the untouched Philippines rainforest, the critically endangered Philippines eagle contemplates what will garnish her platter tonight. Will it be a tiny Maumag, the world's smallest monkey (except it's not a monkey, but the link between monkeys and prosimians, the tarsier)? OR possibly a Pilandok, the world's smallest deer? Or maybe today she shall dine upon the scaly flesh of a gliding lizard, Draco cyanopterus?

Obviously, this piece is not actually drawn to scale. As the lizard is in fact larger than the tarsier in reality. But it's bright and colourful, and the flowers are authentically from the Philippines, the island archipelago I now want to visit.

This is going to become 4 atcs in due course and be distributed out as part of the Rainforest Swap on ATCsforall, one of the best places to trade handdrawn ATCs. Currently it thus measures 5x7 inches.

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