Sunday, July 5, 2009

An eclectic array of art

Yesterday I drew a piece emulating Novasmem's style:

When observing Novasmem's style I noted her outlines were well defined, although not particularly thick, with the shading tending to be darker around those lines. Her colouring is quite soft, something I had to really watch as I tend more towards the saturated. She does quite good realistic renderings, often with a printed paper background (I think?) but I chose portions of the background from several of her pieces. Her colours are quite bright, but not saturated and her pieces fun. My poor Katta looks rather a little too serious, but I think otherwise I did an okay job.

And here are my offerings from today:

#449. Hippopotas, the Sand Hippo Pokemon
Hippopotas are a sand dwelling creature and avoid water at all costs. They live in dry deserts in small herds. Usually, they bury themselves almost entirely in sand so that only their nostrils and eyes are visible above the surface, scanning for danger. If threatening, they can both spray sand from a port on their back and also through their nostrils. If they need to bury their heads, a special membrane closes their nostrils.

Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

Creepy and bleak, this dystopian future is one I can truly envisage. From the dark, post-apocalyptic days of the present, Snowman takes you on a spine-chilling journey through the history and the frightening event that changed the world as we knew it. With its not infrequent references to extinct animals, and revelations on the darker side of human nature to Oryx's almost innocent view on life. It is also scaringly, devastatingly, real. So, chickeenobs anyone? And whatever Atwood may say, this is most certainly Science Fiction.

The Cat from New Zealand thought the birds tasted grand...

Bird is the piopio, the NZ thrush, eaten to extinction by feral cats. Building is the Beehive and the beverage is L&P.

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