Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pokemon Paper Dolls

Remember my art doll obsession? Well, I'm back into it again now - in a BIG way. So much so, that I began hosting a Pokemon Mini Art Doll swap over on ATCs for All (they are called "mini" because they are only about 6 inches long, except Sceptile, due to his big tail). Alas, sign-ups have been pretty low - only four players, but  I decided to make up a few, and once I started I could not stop!

Here are the four I have made so far:

And my old favourite:

I am still tempted to keep making more - I would like to make a Nidoran - maybe both male and female, and there are so many other awesome Pokemon from the early days. The more recent ones are just kinda a bit neh though...

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