Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pick-a-Theme art dump

Rememberhow I said I had done more art in the month of July than the rest of the year combined?
Well, here it is and here's why - Pick-A-Themes. I signed up for 3 groups over two different swaps.

In a pick-a-theme, there are five people in your group, and each chooses a theme - something that they collect (mine for both swaps was lemurs, one in traditional Malagasy clothing, the other "stonepunk"). Then you make for each person a card in their chosen theme - meaning they get four cards with the same theme by four different artists, and sometimes interpreted in different ways.

I started with an eye-dea.
Realistic human eyes: albino eye:

The Goddess Bastet
Baby animal: Dik-dik (with horn, just because)

Feral Unicorn, looking noble

Exotic flower: Flying Duck Orchid (such a cute plant!)


Horned Beetle

Lazy House Cat (with cat tv)

Hostess Gift: Archeops the feathered dinosaur Pokemon

Rainbow Giraffe

Steampunk Horse

Hostess Gift: Werewolf

Malice in Wonderland: Murderous White Rabbit

Woman with Wild Animal Friends

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