Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where has she been?

Some of my loyal followers may be wondering: "If this is a daily art blog, why is it updated only monthly?" And you would be right - my art creating endeavours were a bit slowed by other projects - such as finishing "Fellowship of the Ringtails". Also, about a month ago I injured my right hand in the stupidest way possible - I was merely tying a plastic bag shut (you know how you do, knotting the handles) and a bad pain shot up through my hand from my fourth finger to my wrist. It was actually almost excruitiating and flared and faded, leaving a dull ache. For the rest of that day I had to rely more on my left hand for operating the till and other work related stuff, feeling like my right hand had turned into a claw. It got better, and by the end of the day I was able to use it again but ever since it has cramped up when I do fine detail stuff or twist it a certain way. I asked the doctor about it, and I think she said it was a tendon. Anyhow, it's mostly okay now, I just have to be a little careful with it.

The other reason is that the majority of my May art has been for either the Secret Solstice swap on Illustrated ATCs or a commission piece. The commission piece is very exciting - it is designing swing-tags for a New Zealand company that creates garments from merino wool - either 100% merino or a blend of merino/possum/silk. Consequently I have designed two images - one for the merino and the other featuring all three creatures.

Since they have seen and approved the merino one, I'll show it here:
So - would you buy clothing with this fellow on the label?

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Michael S. Dyer said...

Hand injuries are not fun. I hope yours passes quickly.

I love the swing tag. :D