Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is "Pounce" a young cer'rin, a species also known as the "predatory unicorn". However, cer'rin are not technically unicorns, because although it is true that they have only one antler, this splits as they mature and the number of prongs indicate the age of the buck. Another anatomical oddity is that the cer'rin is unique amongst mammals in that its front and rear legs appear mismatched - with large paws on the front feet and hoofs on the hind. This makes him especially fast and agile as he races through his forested home, hunting rabbits and small deer. Cer'rin have also been known to hunt in pairs and in this manner can bring down prey as large as an boar.

The antlers are only present in males of the species and are used during courtship displays. Males will lock their antlers together, and then wrestle, clawing at each other with their talons. These fights are terribly bloody - because it is quite difficult to break the lock until one of the participants dies. It is then consumed by its victor.

Pounce was first created way back in 2005:

Here is a very early conceptualisation of a predatory unicorn.

And here he is as an anatomically challenged calf.

And an "original species" art card.

And last but far, far from least is this amazing rendition drawn by the extremely talented Rose Moonfeather:

Dangit, looking at this one just makes me want to throw out mine and start all over again. I hate talent-envy. I suffer from it far too often...

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