Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Art Card Backing 2012

I have started designing a new Art Card backing for every year. Last year, Aroha took the centre stage, chasing a butterfly across the card. The year before, it was LemurKat. This year I wanted to do something different. After much pondering, I decided that since it was the Year of the Dragon, that Fortune should have the honours:

Fortune has never been a major character of mine - he was created for a Dragon eXchange as a kirin/eastern dragon hybrid. I believe that because of his mixed parenting, he was accepted into neither society and considered something of an outcast. This lead him to randomly wander the world, seeking friendship and comradeship. However, if I recall correctly, he was also supposed to bring luck to those who saw him.

Anyhow, I might design a landscape orientated card yet featuring my other dragon - Rhapsody Kelpdancer.

Here are some of my previous trading card backs:

2011 Aroha/My Little Pony/Pokemon

2011 - landscape, rarely used (layout wasn't good for writing in)

Oddly enough, I often get it asked in swap threads "who did this card?" despite the fact that nearly all of these clearly say "LemurKat" on there somewhere!

So, how many have you got?

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