Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock chunky. I made this by first drawing the entire thing on a 4x6 piece of card. Then I coloured it in, except for the clock, I left a blank circle for that and made it up on a separate piece of cardstock. Tha hands really move, they're attached with a split pin. When I attached it to the card, I first took a thick board circle, and cut out the middle, so that the split pin could turn freely. After that, I cut very carefully around the roof, the forest floor and the little door. The roof and floor I backed with thick board. I then mounted the piece onto mroe cardstock, trapping the ribbon between the pieces. The little cuckoo door is held in place with a folded piece of cardstock, and the wee bird kinda pops out too. Although you can't actually keep the door shut.

I'm quite proud of it, actually, and I hope the recepient enjoys it too.

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