Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas is in the Air

In preparation for christmas, I have begun making up some gifts. One, which I cannot show yet, is a matching set of ATC storage devices and I am rather proud of how the set looks together. But for that, you'll have to wait and see (I have to get the photograph off my camera for a start, and the cable is all the way over there...).

However, today and some 4-5 hours of work produced this:

Like the Cuckoo Clock, it is 3d, although this one has 4 layers. Five if you could the star. I realise there are a few issues with it and the baby is frankly, a little freaky (but aren't all newborns?), but I hope the recepient likes it. In the offchance that she doesn't, I intend to send an ATC or two as well to "soften the blow".

And my Christmas ATC. Every year I try and design a new one. Last year it featured the Pokemon, Delibird, this year it features a Tuatara in a Christmas hat. I think I know which one I prefer. One lucky person will receive the original, but I imagine quite a few prints will be made of this toothy chap!

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