Thursday, August 20, 2009

Totemic Beasties part deux

These have been my most popular set of cards as of late and ever since I finished the first set I've had various requests for them. So I give to you the latest three. These were suggested by the intended recepients and I still have to draw a Koi Fish and a Turtle.

If your Totem is THE FROG

You embrace change, but are extremely sensitive to the world around you. This leads to greater empathy, and a deeper understanding of beauty and the arts. You are probably an artist, musician (you do enjoy singing) or a healer. Unfortunately, there is the risk that you will absorb too much and this may taint and poison your personality, turning you bitter and cynical.

If you Totem is THE BEAR
You have a tendency for introspection and deep thought, often becoming lost within yourself. You do not socialise well, and may be considered a little bit odd-ball, yet others will often seek you out for advice. You are known for your wisdom and contemplation.

If your Totem is THE FOX
You are sneaky and stealthful, able to mingle with any crowd without standing out. You are highly adaptable, able to appear at ease in any situation and make it to your advantage.

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