Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Assortment

You may know the Fable - the Fox sees a juicy bunch of grapes and tries to reach them - but oh, gosh darn it, he's not tall enough, even when he stands on his hindpaws and stretches up as high as he can go. Still out of reach. Again he tries, and again, but without success. Finally he gives up. "Probably sour anyway," he mutters to himself as he pads off. This coining the phrase "sour grapes".

Well, he obviously wasn't a Grey Fox. These American foxes can actually climb trees. They have hooked claws, which allow them to scramble up and escape predators.

Or in this case, get the grapes.

How now, Randall cow? Err, calf. This wee black and white lass is one of the many "Thank you" ATCs I shall be sending out over the next few weeks. She's going to live with Ibus in Scotland.

And this is another, it's off to Montana for Xstitcher's ATC garden. It's a Echinopsis subdenudata and it's referenced from here

Whereas my Crowley portrait worked well, this portrait of Greebo in his human form (still showing certain feline characteristics) was rather less successful. Oh well.


EraserQueen said...

Your animals always impress, and I''m REALLY liking your people cards! You have such an interesting style with them I hope you continue to make more! I love reading your blog posts!

EraserQueen said...

Wait a minute..Less successful? LOL, I like Greebo just as much as Crowley (finally read the book! LOL) if not more!

Momo said...

Love the fox. Your pieces are all so wonderfully done. The details and the strong colours are great!