Thursday, September 20, 2012

NZ Tarot: Redraws

There were three cards that I was not happy with - well, four really, but I've stuck with the Tower. I believe I must be engaged in a bit of procrastination, because I am still not happy with either of them, but they'll do, for now. I can always change them at a later date!

First redraw was the Knight of Trees.

The original Knight of Trees was a kereru, which displays very few of the traits generally recognised in the Knight of Wands, plus I wished to use a kereru for the nines, thus this redraw involved making him a rifleman:
 For The Moon, I could no longer use the possum - because he featured prominently on the Chaos card, and I also wanted bats in my deck, so here we have four bats (two species) frolicking in the moonlight. Something about the balance in this card bothers me - it might be the large white moon in the background? This is one I am tempted to redraw, except that bats are REALLY difficult. As you can see here, only one of them actually looks mostly decent.

And finally we have the Seven of Trees.The original was one of my most popular cards, and I could not really understand why, because the owl just wasn't all that well drawn. Also, futher research indicated that it was not a clear representation of the true meaning of the card.

So, I began again. Now, I wanted to keep the morepork owl. But the Seven of Trees is a card of victory against odds, of standing up against those that might try to bring you down. A card of defiance.

Thus, the robins began mobbing the owl.

It started with just one, but although I loved the owl, I didn't feel it got the message quite well across - as my husband said "That bird is toast". Not really the meaning I was striving for. So I tried again, this time with a smaller owl and two robins.

A much better card, except for one thing. The owl's head wasn't nearly as impressive.
So witness the miracle of cut and paste and then blend:

This is the card that will appear in the deck.

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