Saturday, June 4, 2011

We interrupt SocNoc to bring you drawing day.

Was going to watch "Bolt" and draw, but then the power cut out for half an hour and now it's back I've missed half the movie and just want to curl up and read.

So, I managed to make five Art Cards for this Drawing Day, five only... One was a cuckoo clock (inspired by a clock I found on Ebay and now want), two were Pokemon, one was a brownie and one was the Klartch Diana Wynne Jones tribute card I showed you earlier.

The brownie will wait until I upload the other cards from her set.

Rotom and Abra

And here's a few more Pokemon I drew the other day:

Nidorino and Minccino

And a few more assorted cards, just so it looks like I drew loads today - when really I didn't do as much as I would have liked (and only left the house once, to check the mail too)*.

New Zealand Shore Plover - one of our rarest birds
Grand Skink - the largest extant skink in New Zealand

And a non-NZ avian:

These last three are all for the May PAT, along with a not-particularly good portrait of a character from my "Midsummer Knight's Quest" story and also the cuckoo clock up above.

* In my defence, I did clean the bathroom, vacuum the lounge, spend some time with my husband and prepare the May PAT cards for postage. Oooh, and write almost 2k words for my story. So I wasn't exactly sitting in forums and hitting "view latest posts" repeatedly.


Lauren T said...

LOVE that clock card.

LemurKat said...

Heh, it's for your mum ^^